Our technology is engineered to enhance productivity while reducing costs on job sites. We are playing a vital role in helping operators, both onshore and offshore, reduce costs, increase drilling efficiencies, and recover in the area 30 - 40% more mud than competing technologies.

Featuring the mudcube x

The MudCube X is the first fully enclosed, lightweight solids control system for use with all types of drilling fluids.

The MudCube X primary solids control technology separates all types of drilled solids from liquids by using light vibration combined with high air flow through a rotating filter belt. This results in improved performance, reduced waste and CO2 emissions, and promotes a healthy working environment.

The PureCube provides primary treatment in a fraction of the footprint and at 30 – 60% lower cost of ownership when compared to conventional primary treatment.

The Eddy Pump design allows for longer intervals between maintenance which translates to increased output, more uptime, and higher profits.